Benjamin Mayor Tucker

Honoring a Legacy

A successful musician, businessman, community champion and leader, Ben Tucker has traveled a long road from his roots in Nashville, Tennessee to his home in Savannah, GA. Given his diverse history of accomplishments, the one thread that runs through the fabric of Ben Tucker’s life and professional career is his outstanding commitment and determination to improve his community.

Mr. Tucker’s contributions to society are far reaching across race, gender, or social status across the country. He understood the meaning of “civic responsibility.” He worked on numerous boards, task forces, and planning committees within the City of Savannah.  He was very passionate about the jazz community, and the impact he had on the youth in the community can be measured by his involvement with Junior Achievers, The First Tee of Savannah, the Bethesda Boys Academy, Boys and Girls Clubs of Savannah, YMCA, SCAD, The Westin Foundation and many others.  His passions were expressed publicly through his dedication to his wife, jazz, and golf.  An advocated for social justice, Mr. Tucker never rested on his laurels as long as there were inequalities that impacted the advancement of his community. Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Ben Tucker met a friend for life!! How can you play a more substantive role in  Ben’s legacy? Become a contributing member of “Friends Of Ben” and of this exceptional man.


Ben Tucker’s List of Achievements

Born in Brentwood, Tennessee.

Attended Tennessee State University.

1952 – 1956
Served in US Air Force

Metronome Magazine selected Ben Tucker as one of the world’s Top Ten Bass Players.

Ben purchased WSOK Radio in Savannah, Georgia. With over 8500 radio stations in the country at the time, he became the 15th Black radio station owner in the United States.

Advisory Committee – John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts., Presented by Jimmy Carter, President of US.

Jazz Hall of Fame – Don Redman Heritage Award NAACP & Harpers Ferry Historical Association.

Links to Success Scholarships in Honor of Ben Tucker – The First Tee of Savannah.


Ben Tucker was a highly-principled individual who demonstrated integrity, excellence, compassion, courage and an exceptional capacity for cooperation and collaboration throughout Savannah and the Coastal Empire in an effort to foster equality and reduce discrimination. Tucker was a community leader who worked tirelessly to bridge gaps in business development between races, genders, and those of different social strata. He understood the meaning of “civic responsibility” and served in the military and on numerous local, national and international boards.  At his untimely death in 2013, this talented and successful musician left behind a commanding musical legacy and was respected and held in high esteem by the international jazz community. He had a tremendous influence on local youth which can still be measured by the impact of his involvement in, and support of, community-based literacy and academic enrichment programs. His unwavering focus on humanity and social advocacy won him national and international recognition from world leaders.This was a man who deserved to be honored and memorialized.